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Upgrade Your Exhaust

A Guide to upgrade your exhaust system


Step 1. Pick the best muffler for your car.

The exhaust system listed at Exhaust Systems is your best choice. It might be expensive but it delivers an overall best result. If you could not find one for your car, we got many universal performance mufflers for your need. Please read the articles at FAQ and Loud Muffler for your reference.

Step 2. Measure it up

For most cases, our muffler you picked should fit your car perfectly, but there is an exception for almost everything. The most issue is the physical dimension if the muffler should fit physically in your car. Use a tape scaler or something to measure it up.

Step 3. Find your muffler shop

For a performance muffler to work out the best, a professional installation is highly recommended. Before you purchase a muffler, it is important to find a 'good' muffler shop located locally. Not only a muffler shop would do the installation, it is also a great source for an easy consultation, for your car and for the muffler you are going to buy.

After Purchase

Step 4. Just do it

Place an order at Muffler Mall, you would receive your muffler within a week or so. Take it to your muffler shop, the job is done!

Step 5. Test drive and write up a review

Take your car for a spin, experience the performance and joy! Please do not forget to write up a reviw for us.

Thank you.

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